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Corpacks® are our in-house designed and built collection bins. Measuring at 1135x1135x1135, the Corpacks take up the footprint of a pallet while being stackable and foldable. Corpacks are likely to be the method of choice for services that include Corflute and stray films.

Cages are avaliable for heavier applications and large bulk. The cages are collapsible, stackable and come in 4 different variations of S, M, L and IBC sizes. They are the industry standard for applications like slipsheet, small reels of plastic and advertising boards. 

A 14 pallet truck is available for collection services within the local Melbourne area.


Servicing the local area, pallets, corpacks and cages can be transported to any site. 






Collection services are readily available within the Metro area. Whether it’s a consistent Corpack service or a one-off collection, there is a option suitable for all compatible material.

The Sydney metro collection service is in final testing stages. Contact us if you have any inquiries or would like updates towards our progress. 

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Wider Australia and International

Corex Recycling is always looking for new sources of material Australia wide and overseas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any of the compatible plastics.




Just want existing material to be processed? Corex Recycling can:
  • Pellatise
  • Shred
  • Granulate
  • Lab Test
  • Colour Match